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Before entering patient data into the ESID Database you have to obtain an informed patient consent. Patient consent forms containing information on the database are available here in many languages.

Informed patient consent with prefix GDPR and date are versions in accordance with the regulations set forth by the GDPR

For all the others, please see version and date of each form by selecting the files. These are outdated and only listed here for your reference. Please use only GDPR compliant versions to get the patients' consent.

GDPR compliant PIC language versions:

Please find here the procedures to handle the supplement to data protection:

Please find here a list of available language versions of the supplement to data protection:

Spanish and Catalan versions provided by Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunodeficiencies Unit (UPIIP):

Romanian version will be provided soon

Portuguese Version will be provided soon 

These PIC documents are currently under review/ being translated:

GDPR_ESID_Registry_PIC_ENG_ V_3.04_2019_07_01_EC_Freiburg


Obsolete PIC versions:


Croatian Patient Consent

Msword, 34.50 kB

Lithuanian Patient Consent

Msword, 33.50 kB

Romanian Patient Consent

Msword, 32.50 kB

Slovak Patient Consent

Msword, 34.00 kB

Last update: 2019-07-15