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Diagnostic criteria for PID

The diagnostic criteria for the most common PID are listed here.


A. Introduction Primary immunodeficiencies are rare heterogeneous disorders. Patients present with a variety of clinical symptoms and a wide range of infections and other complications. Treatment by bone marrow transplantation is increasingly success...

UPDATE on the study Genotype-phenotype correlation and resulting treatment decisions in Osteopetrosis

UPDATE on the study Genotype-phenotype correlation and resulting treatment decisions in Osteopetrosis Long time ago Anna launched a study to register osteopetrosis patients retrospectively on behalf of  ESID and the IEWP of the EBMT. Information...

10 Warning Signs of PID - General

1) Four or more new ear infections within 1 year.
2) Two or more serious sinus infections within 1 year.
3) Two or more months on antibiotics with little effect.
4) Two or more pneumonias within 1 year.
5) Failure of an infant to gain weight or grow normally.
6) Recurrent, deep skin or organ abscesses.
7) Persistent thrush in mouth or fungal infection on skin.
8) Need for intravenous antibiotics to clear infections.
9) Two or more deep-seated infections including septicemia.
10) A family history of PI.

6 Warning Signs for PID in Adults

The 6 ESID warning signs for ADULT primary immunodeficiency diseases Four or more infections requiring antibiotics within one year (otitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia) Recurring infections or infection requiring prolonged antibiotic therapy Tw...

Chest CT in antibody deficiency: Updated CRF

The Chest CT in Antibody Deficiency Group ( has updated its documentation sheet.

Chronic Granulomatous Disease

Definitive  Male or female patient with abnormal NBT or respiratory burst in activated neutrophils (less than 5% of control) who has one of the following: 1) Mutation in gp91, p22, p47 or p67 phox 2) Absent mRNA for one of the above genes by nort...

Cinical Trials in PID - Current overview

Clinical Trial Form - blank Msword, 24.50 kB...

Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVI) diagnosis criteria

Probable Male or female patient who has a marked decrease of IgG (at least 2 SD below the mean for age) and a marked decrease in at least one of the isotypes IgM or IgA, and fulfills all of the following criteria: 1) Onset of immunodeficiency at grea...

Diagnostic Criteria Workshop

IgG subclass deficiencies