March 2014

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Dear all, 

First, I would like to thank those (please see Anna Villa letter) who helped so much creating our new website.

We are working very hard on the final tuning for the upcoming meeting in Prague. As you have already noted, submission of abstract is already open and I encourage everyone to submit his/her work.

We will try to include as many as possible oral presentation, and poster sessions. We were able to recruit the best people for our plenary talks, both on basic as well as clinical immunology with major emphasize of course on immunodeficiency.

I am sure this is going to be a very exciting meeting in the beautiful city of Prague. I take also the opportunity to thank Anna Sediva, the meeting president, for her continuous intensive work in making the meeting a success one.

During our board meetings, we discuss many aspects concerning our society. While the support from the pharmaceutical companies has decline, we still are able to give grants for increase awareness of PID in various ways.

As you know ESID was the first established society dealing with PID, and as the interest in the field has increased, several other societies in other continents were created and we are helping our ""younger brothers" around the world.

Enjoy the summer and hoping to see you all in October in Prague.

Amos Etzioni M.D.

16th Biennial Meeting 2014 - Prague, Czech Republic

Final report by Dr. Anna Sediva (Congress President ESID 2014)

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