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16th Biennial Meeting 2014 - Prague, Czech Republic

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Final report by Dr. Anna Sediva (Congress President ESID 2014)

Dear colleagues and friends,

The Prague meeting was the latest in a history of ESID congresses, encompassing 30 years of regular reunions of doctors and researchers interested in primary immunodeficiencies (Fig.1).


ESID Congresses 1983_2014

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The extent and the composition of the scientific program of Prague meeting demonstrates an exceptional growth and development of a field of primary immunodeficiencies observed mainly in the last decade. Prague ESID meeting was far the largest in the history, with more than 2100 participants it was the first time when congress on relatively rare and narrow topic, primary immunodeficiencies, attracted audience over 2000 attendants. The scientific program was the hallmark of the event. Carefully prepared by the scientific committee and by ESID board, the program showed the latest scientific achievements in the field. Genetics ran as a red thread though the whole program, demonstrating its importance in the field and further the power of novel available technologies in discovering causes of PIDs. Introductory session on basic biological processes in cells was very instructive and introduced a complexity of functioning of the immune system. Further lectures on different aspects of immunodeficiencies reflected such complexity and presented modern view on immunodeficiencies which outperforms the old classical division of primary immunodeficiencies to humoral and cellular defects. Primary immunodeficiencies are now recognized as disorders affecting complex processes of immune function and immune regulation, with mostly also complex clinical spectrum including immunodeficiency, infection, autoimmunity and other pathologies such as tumors and allergy. Clinical and therapeutical aspects of primary immunodeficiencies were discussed as well as the progress in screening programs for SCID.

Poster session was packed with a large number of great presentations. Poster walks were crowded, but appreciated by all participants.


Prague Poster Session

The whole congress was wrapped by the presidential lecture outlining the presence and the future of PID field. ESID president A.Cant also presented ESID Life-Time Achievement award to H.Chapel.

Helen Chapel

ESID meeting would not be complete without INGID and IPOPI parallel meetings, with their independent, but overlapping programs discussing important views of nurses and patients on PIDs.

Amos etc

ESID biennial meeting in Prague was also an opportunity for industry to present and interact with participants. All exhibitors and industrial partners deserve thanks for their support of this special meeting.


Social events with Czech touch were enjoyed by all participants.

We are all looking forward to meet everybody in 17th ESID biennial meeting in Barcelona.

Anna Sediva,

President of 16th Biennial ESID Meeting in Prague