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President's message - December 2017

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Dear friends and colleagues,

As 2017 closes it is good to reflect on the exciting developments in the field of primary immunodeficiencies.  Our understanding of the molecular basis of these conditions continues to grow at a remarkable pace; not only are more than 300 specific gene defects causing PID now identified, but the elucidation of their biological consequences has given unique insights into the workings of the immune system and opened up new treatments for many conditions, and not just PIDs.  The overlap between PIDs and auto-immune and auto-inflammatory disorders is much better understood, leading to the development of specific disease modifying agents that are now being introduced into clinical practice, whilst at the same time stem cell therapies are achieving cure rates in excess of 90%, results thought impossible only 10 years ago.

ESID has played a significant part in facilitating and supporting these developments.  Andy Gennery and Adilia Warris, together with their scientific committee are to be highly congratulated on the outstandingly successful “ESID in Focus” Meeting in Edinburgh which highlighted immune dysregulation.  Arjan Lankester and Michael Albert led a lively and interactive “Inborn Errors” Working Party Meeting with first rate contributions from across the world and this Working Party continues to be a remarkable catalyst for collaborative treatment studies.  I would also like to thank the many ESID Members who contribute to the ERN-RITA project which seeks to ensure that patients have equal access to the very best diagnostics and patient care, regardless of where they live in Europe.  What a privilege to be part of the ESID community at such times.

On that positive note may I wish you all a very peaceful and restful Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.

With very best wishes,


Andrew Cant Signature