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ESID 2019 Focused Meeting
Immunodeficiencies with increased risk of cancer
18-21 September, 2019
Square Brussels Meeting Centre
Brussels (Belgium)

Dear ESID Colleagues and Friends,

Together with the Scientific Committee we are working to build an exciting program for the Brussels 2019 Meeting.

The focus will be on malignancy and PID. How does PID predispose to cancer? What is the role of infections and of an increased susceptibility to infection in the development of cancer? How is the immune system exploited to fight cancer? What are the pitfalls when treating malignancy in a PID patient?
These and many more questions will be tackled by experts in the field, in the heart of Europe so mark your agendas for the Brussels 2019 meeting!

Jutte van der Werff Ten Bosch, local chair

Questions? Please contact the ESID Secretariat directly