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Post-vaccinal BCG infection in SCID patients/ International survey Diagnosis and treatment policies

Current status - March 21st 2010

So far we have collected information from 72 BCG vaccinated SCID patients from different countries in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Even a variety of genetic forms of SCID are represented (gammaC, ADA, Artemis, IL7Ra, MHCII, Zap70, and RAG), undefined forms of SCID are the most prevalently reported (64%).
Our preliminary analysis shows that 45% percent of SCID patients developed BCG complications after vaccination, 18% localized and 27% disseminated.
As an example of the relevance of this preventable complication, post-vaccinal BCG infection-associated manifestations accounted for 1/3 of the reported deaths (total deaths, 37), all of them in patients with disseminated forms of BCGosis. Moreover, 92% of SCID patients with disseminated BCGosis died due to its complications.
At this point of the preliminary analysis, no significant differences on BCG complications were detected between B+/B- or NK+/NK- SCID patients, and we are still working on other aspects of the survey in order to analyze for the best diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, as well as for prognostic factors.
We are actively encouraging our colleagues around the world to participate in the "BCG infection in SCID patients interest group" by submitting and sharing their experience. Needless to say, we depend on those collaborations to get a large enough and comprehensive set of data that would help us to dissect and better understand this complication.
Any actions that you can take in this direction will be highly appreciated. The current deadline for recruitment is the end of March 2011.

Kind regards,
Sergio D. Rosenzweig (on behalf of the "BCG infection in SCID patients interest group")