December 2013

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Pic Amos

Dear Friends, 

Well it took quite a long time, but finally we have a new website! 

During our board meetings we realized that the old one should be updated or better a new one should be created. 

After contracting various companies and many discussions, we came up with this new website. 

I am sure it will serve all of you better and will be an excellent platform to get information about PID and its surrounding and will lead to increase awareness of our field. 

Many thanks to all those who were involved in the new website mainly Marta Rizzi and the website committee, Anna Villa, Andrew Gennery and Esther de Vries. 

Hope you will enjoy it, and please send us any suggestions you think may improve it. 

All the best for the Festive Season and New Year! 

Amos Etzioni

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