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Dear Friends and Colleagues ESID Members,
Another year has come to its ending. The field of primary immunodeficiencies, or inborn errors of immunity, is still growing at tremendous speed. Despite the advances of improved molecular diagnosis, the clinical management of many primary immunodeficiencies is still extremely challenging. The various WPs within ESID truly are committed to aiding in this challenge as you can learn in the Chairs’ contributions to this Newsletter.

We also look back on a successful 2019 Focused Meeting – the theme “PID and malignancy” was timely and well received by the participants – it gave rise to novel research and clinical interests. Thanks again to the local SC and Jutte as a truly engaged local host. I also want to say congratulations and thank you to Martine Pergent and Johan Prevot, IPOPI President and Executive Director for a truly active and inspiring campaign for the introduction of newborn screening for SCID in Europe. Together we are so much stronger.
2020 promises to be an even more exciting year with many activities ahead: gear up for the 2020 Summer School that will move to Greece this year and will engage local clinicians and be prepared for the activities planned by Junior and PID in Development WP. Have your abstracts ready to join the Biennial Meeting in Birmingham in Oct 2020 – Aarn Huissoon and Peter Arkwright are fully committed to making it into a successful meeting. 2020 will also be the year of the first IAPIDS advanced PID School with CIS, LASID, APSID and ASID in Portugal.
While the “classic” ESID fellowships will be available as usual, ESID will give more opportunities to less advantaged regions of Europe.
Finally I wish you the warmth and nearness of your family and loved ones in these last few days of 2019. For 2020 I wish you all health, joy and success and I hope to be able to meet you at ESID 2020 in Birmingham or at any other of our society’s or our sister society’s meetings.

ESID Newsletter - December 2019
Warm Wishes,
Isabelle Meyts
ESID President