PID Care in Development Working Party

J Project

The aims of the J Project are as follows

  1. To organize professional meetings on PID and related diseases in several East-European countries with low number of registered PID patients.
  2. To discuss diagnostic and therapeutic practices and problems, and to define specific areas to be improved and to be supported by other European groups, institutions, companies, and foundations.
  3. Updating national PID registries
  4. Establishing PID professional working groups
  5. Establishing PID patients, groups

100th J Project Meeting - 2014

On behalf of the J Project Steering Committee, we are delighted to welcome you to Antalya, Turkey, for the 100th J Project meeting, to be held on March 12-15, 2014.

50th J Project Meeting - 2011

Program 50th J Project Meeting Pdf, 76.19 kB...

J Project Meetings in 2010

J project meeting - Feb 2010, Tirana, Albania - First Announcement Pdf, 50.65 kB...

J Project Meetings in 2009

The J Project is organising a record number of 12 meetings in 2009.

J Project Meetings 2008

The list of J Project meetings can be downloaded here.

J Project Meetings 2007

19. Ukraine (Zaporozhye) Liudmyla Chernishova Apr 19-20 ([email protected]) 20. Russia (St. Petersburg) Marina Guseva May 29-30 ([email protected]) 21. Hungary (Pécs) Bernadett Mosdósi June 22-23 ([email protected]) 22. Roman...

Previous J Project Meetings 2004-2006

J Project Meetings in East-Central Europe 2004-2006 Targu Mures, Romania, March 11-12, 2004; Organizer: Csilla Todea Prague, Czech Republic, May 10-11, 2004; Organizer: Anna Sediva Belgrade, Serbia/ Montenegro, June 11-12, 2004; Organizer: Srdjan Pa...