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by Anna Sediva

ESID PID Care in Development WP report comes in a busy time of preparation of ESID 2014 biennial congress in Prague. Congress location is particularly important for Eastern European countries. The effort of PIDCD WP is directed towards this congress, trying to facilitate its attendance by Eastern European countries and increase originally very low participation of immunologists from these countries in ESID. We are specifically encouraging active participation from Eastern Europe, by involving them in preparation of the congress and also in submission of abstracts. Together with all European countries, and specifically with Eastern European countries we have submitted our join work on Europe Immunoglobulin Map for ESID in Prague. The map reflects very rapid progress in the field in Eastern Europe. At least in a therapy and in an access to immunoglobulins we can map fast progression of subcutaneous immunoglobulins to practically all Eastern European countries, even if there are still some gaps and major regional differences within some countries.

Now it is also a time for voting for new representatives for ESID working parties. PIDCD WP thus summarizes its activities and tries to specify the most useful work for continuation in the future. After internal analysis and discussion with Eastern European specialists in the field it became apparent that we need more education in primary immunodeficiencies and more integration for Eastern Europe specialists in primary immunodeficiency community. We have therefore prepared basic concept for summer school in primary immunodeficiencies favoring Eastern European young participants. Its first year is planned for 2015, details will follow in winter 2014, after Prague congress.

I personally use this opportunity to invite everybody to Prague. Registration for ESID is still open, program undergoes final touches and looks great. Prague is beautiful now in summer months and we hopefully expect nice autumn.

For ESID PIDCD WP          

Anna Šedivá

Prague, July 15, 2014