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by Esther de Vries

This autumn (!) the ESID Summer School took place in the wonderful Aldemar Village resort in Hersonissos, Crete, Greece from September 25 to September 29, 2013. The event was again very successful with 29 participants from all over Europe and beyond and 10 faculty members attending 4 days of sessions sharing their knowledge and interest in PID and networking for their future career. The interaction was intense with each participant presenting a case during one of the sessions inducing discussions and exchange.


Some comments from the participants and faculty!

Georg Holländer, faculty

"This has been again a very stimulating and lively summer school with a great group of clinicians and scientists interested in PID - a very memorable event that was helped by the friendly and relaxed atmosphere"

Kristian Assing, Denmark

“Pros: 1) That students were forced to participate in the discussions/ prepare presentations. 2) A very broad spectrum of immune deficiencies were presented.3) There was a nice balance between clinical and paraclinical information in both students and teachers presentations.4) very dedicated and inspiring teachers. 5) beautiful surroundings. 6) very intensive which was fine (but remember to have a long brake at noon).   

Cons: 1) too little time for diving.”

Yun-fei An, China

“It was perfect .1: I learnt so many about the basic immunology and primary immunodeficiency disease.2: I met the professors who I only knew the names on papers in the past, and they gave me many helps […]3: I made so many friends, Ralph, Natacha ,Ileana, Kristian, Timi, Tania Nicole, Jose Luis and so on. 4: I got to know the advantages and disadvantages of my center and myself. If Chinese doctors would have more chances to participate to the school, it would be better. “

Veronika Kanderová, Czech Republic

“ESID Summer School was one of the best meetings I have ever attended.

I would like to thank all for a great experience! I appreciate that ESID invited both clinicians and biologists to raise well-educated persons working in the field of PIDs in the hospitals and the laboratories as well.”

The Summer School remains one of the very stimulating ways to keep PID alive in Europe!

Esther de Vries

Chair of Education Working Party

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