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Welcome to the Clinical Working Party!

The ESID Clinical Working Party aims to support collaborative clinical research and education among the centers in the ESID. In order to achieve this task following specific aims have been defined:


  1. To develop consensus statements for diagnosis and management of primary immunodeficiencies (PID)
  2. To foster clinical surveys and trials for patients with PID
  3. To support exchange between centers for clinical education
  4. To support quality and comparability of diagnostic procedures for PID

The discovery of new PID as well as the ongoing change in the understanding of known PID requires an ongoing update on the definition and diagnostic and management guidelines of PID. The ESID clinical WP provides such definitions, with guidance on diagnosis and management, in close cooperation with the other international immunodeficiency, nursing and patient organisations.

If you are interested in guideline development for the diagnosis and management of secondary immunodeficiency, please contact the ESID administrative office

Based on these definitions it will be an ongoing challenge to define consensus statements on diagnostic guidelines and therapy in order to improve patient care throughout the ESID, in partnership with the ERN-RITA. Clinical surveys and trials for PID that play important aspects in our understanding require the participation of many international centers, which can be facilitated by ESID. The exchange of diagnostic tools, quality control as well as clinicians for training will not only improve comparability between ESID centers but also improve the collaborative effort which represents one of the greatest potentials for successful clinical research within the ESID.

The clinical working party closely collaborates with the other ESID working parties.

How to participate?

The clinical WP regularly meets during the biennial ESID meetings. Any ESID member clinician can participate and propose trials to the head of the clinical WP to be placed on the ESID website. Currently no funding for these projects is available from ESID.

Current projects:

Consensus statement on diagnosis and management of GLILD in CVID Consensus statement on diagnosis and management of CGD Malignancy in PID - workshop (with IEWP + iBMF)

The Clinical Working Party Steering Committee

  • Prof. Siobhan Burns - UK (Chair)
  • Prof. Isabelle Meyts - Belgium
  • Prof. Andy Gennery - UK
  • Prof. Anna Sediva - Czech req.
  • Prof Benedicte Neven - France
  • Prof. Fabian Hauck - Germany
  • Prof. Martine Pergent - IPOPI - France
  • Prof Pere Solar Palacin - Spain
  • Prof. Peter Jandus - Switzerland
  • Prof. Ann Gardulf - Sweden
  • Prof. Malgorzata Pac - Poland
  • Prof. Klaus Warnatz - Germany
  • Dr. Maria Carrabba, Italy
  • Prof. Filomeen Haerynck - Belgium