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by Joao Neves

Dear Friends and colleagues,

I hope that this newsletter finds you safe and well during this terrible COVID19  second wave. Health services are becoming overwhelmed and we all fear that resources may become limited. Shortage of polyclonal Immunoglobulin is a threat and can have national disparities. Please contact me if you have any problems related to this. We, as a society will do our best to assure that patients will not be affected by this.

Looking backwards, ESID 2020 was a great success despite the unusual format. I thank all of you that were able to join our working party session. It was a very lively session and educative session.

The mentoring programme is currently ongoing and we hope that by the end of the year they can present the results of their mentored work. In view of this success, a new call for mentors will follow.

Please keep in mind that you can still apply for the free membership grants:!-ESID-Complimentary-Membership-Grants.

Don’t forget that the PID in development School will take place in September 2021 in Minsk. Details will be sent soon.

With very best wishes,​

João Farela Neves

Chairman Working Party PID care in Development