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by Boris Karanovic

Dear friends and colleagues,

The ESID PID Care in Development Working Party aims to strengthen the ties between scientists and medical professionals from countries needing better care for PID patients and those from leading countries in this field.

Other specific goals include raising awareness of PID and building education policies together with other Working Party Chairs.

This is achievable through forming mentoring programmes and facilitating access to ESID to those with restricted funds by offering free membership grants and discount fees to the biennial meeting, as has been already done in the past.

In 2022 we started another initiative – the first PID Care in Development School which was held in Zagreb, Croatia. The participants were offered travel and accommodation grants. It was a successful way of bringing the ESID faculty closer to our members with limited access to ESID through interactive talks in a pleasant setting.

But more work needs to be done. The idea is to give a voice to all ESID members who should be offered the opportunity to influence directly a working party.

Therefore, I’d like to invite our members from different regions to participate in the PID Care in Development Working Party so we can exchange ideas and join our forces in order to create better opportunities to scientists and medical professionals, either in research studies or caring for our patients. ESID members are the foundation and are the ones encountering everyday difficulties and shortcomings in the care of PID. We can learn from each other, irrespective of our origins and together we can improve clinical immunology throughout Europe. 

If you are interested in joining the steering committee of national representatives, we would like to know:

·       Title

·       First and last name

·       Working address

·       Country

·       Email address, headshot/photo

Please, post your interest to: 

Boris Karanovic

ESID PID Care in development WP Chair