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by Joao Neves

Dear Friends and colleagues,

During the last months we have been able to discuss many initiatives thought to be very important for unifying the care of PID patients throughout Europe. First, we are very glad to announce the first “Developing PID School”, a joint proposal from the PID CD and PID juniors Working Party. It will take place in Minsk in 2020 in a date to be defined.  We will accept 20 students from Central and Eastern Europe. This will be an amazing opportunity to improve education and networking. More details will be shared shortly.

Moreover, the very long waited mentoring programme is being finalized and we hope to share its details during the next ESID meeting in Brussels.

Finally, don’t forget to join us in our WP session that will take place Saturday 22nd October. Svetlana Sharapova will talk to us about activating mutations in Rac2; Thandaka Dyey will share his view on how we can help improving PID care in Africa; finally Clara Franco will discuss the ESID’s junior WP role in Eastern Europe.

With very best wishes,​

João Farela Neves
Chairperson PID care in Development Working Party