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Thursday October 16th 2008 will be the Educational Day of the ESID meeting.

Have a look at the programme at a glance

9.00 - 10.30 Educational Day Session I: CVID

Opening and welcome
A case of agammaglobulinemia with normal count of B cells, associated with severe lung and liver fibrosis. A new disease?
A. Trizzino (Palermo, Italy)
Serum antibody response to tetanus toxoid in children with Down syndrome
M.A.A. Kusters ('s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)
B-cell development and immunophenotyping
Jacques J.M. van Dongen (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Clinical aspects of CVID
Helen Chapel (Oxford, United Kingdom) 

11.00 - 12.30 Educational Day Session II: Autoimmunity / Immune Dysregulation

Atypical onset of APECED (Autoimmune Polyendocrinopathy, Candidiasis, Ectodermal Dystrophy) in two siblings
D. Montin (Torino, Italy)
Chronic inflammatory bowel disease is a new phenotype of Artemis deficiency
J.C. Rohr (Freiburg, Germany)
Hyper-IgE Syndromes: Progress in defining the genetic basis for these clinical entities
E.D. Renner (Munich, Germany)
Reconstitution of thymic function after gene therapy for ADA-SCID: preliminary observations by imaging and immunological studies
F. Ferrua (Milan, Italy)
Diseases caused by lack of immune regulation
Hans D. Ochs (Seattle, USA) 

13.45 - 14.45 Educational Day Session III: Deficit of innate immunity

Disease related to NEMO and IRAK4 deficiency
Jordan Orange (Philadelphia, USA)
Neutrophil disorders
A.R. Gennery (Newcastle, United Kingdom) 

14.45 - 16.00 Educational Day Session IV: Infectious diseases / PID

A patient affected by SCN with long term CSF3R acquired mutation and no progression in MDS/AML
L. Giunti (Firenze, Italy)
Complement factor B deficiency associated with recurrent asceptic meningitis
F. Haerynck (Ghent, Belgium)
Infections defining PID
Andrew J. Cant (Newcastle, United Kingdom)