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News@ESID - April 2021

Dear Colleagues and friends, ESID-members,

I hope you have spent hopeful Easter and Passover and Spring holidays. It has been a trying year and I want to especially send a message of hope and courage to those amongst us who have lost loved ones to the virus that has been holding us in its grip for over a year now. I want to commemorate also the physicians, members of our society and others, who have lost their lives, while providing care for patients with COVID19. They are in our hearts.

News@ESID - November 2020

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues, ESID-members,

Three weeks have passed since the ESID online meeting. I want to thank you all for having contributed to its' success. It wouldn't have been possible to create such a lively and interesting meeting if it hadn't been for the time, content, interaction and enthusiasm contributed by each and every single one of you, presenting, chairing, and actively attending. 

News@ESID - August 2020

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

August 2020.  Soon after I sent the cautiously worded previous newsletter, it became fully clear that having a regular joint ESID-INGID-IPOPI biennial meeting in Birmingham in Autumn was not an option. The board and local committee are giving their best effort to make the online meeting a valuable alternative, in close collaboration with INGID and IPOPI. Don’t hesitate and register. In times of medical challenges it’s even more important to get together and share knowledge and opinions.

News@ESID - April 2020

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,
Set against the first warm rays of spring, we are living a surreal situation, the world is in crisis. Our hearts are with those who suffer in solitude, with those who are mourning their loved ones. We all know colleagues or friends whose lives have been seriously affected by SARS-CoV-2, either professionally, or worse, personally. We see our hospitals struggling to take care of patients and hear the dreadful news on more infections, more victims, every day. I can only wish all of you, all of us, nearby and far away, strength and resilience.

News@ESID - December 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues ESID Members,
Another year has come to its ending. The field of primary immunodeficiencies, or inborn errors of immunity, is still growing at tremendous speed. Despite the advances of improved molecular diagnosis, the clinical management of many primary immunodeficiencies is still extremely challenging. The various WPs within ESID truly are committed to aiding in this challenge as you can learn in the Chairs’ contributions to this Newsletter.

News@ESID - August 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Time flies and September is approaching. If you took time off, I hope you enjoyed nice and refreshing holidays. With the Focused Meeting in Brusselsliterally around the corner, I welcome you all wholeheartedly, not only for the special focus on malignancy but also because you will get updates on recently described PID as well as some truly exciting unpublished work. Moreover, it is especially nice to welcome you to ESID in Brussels, the city where I was born, in my home country.

News@ESID - April 2019

Dear colleagues and friends,
It has been a very busy spring. With the board, we have had a fruitful strategic meeting in February of which I have previously communicated an important outcome. Other goals for the future were set out. More particularly, we wish to move closer to you, ESID members, and to engage more actively with you in ongoing ESID research, educational activities, etc.

News@ESID - December 2018

Dear Colleagues and Friends, 
I hope you are all well and I am glad that you have found the time to read this very first Newsletter of your new ESID Board.

News@ESID - August 2018

Dear ESID Members, We hope you are enjoying your summer and are looking forward to our meeting in Lisbon this October. The board is very happy to share the latest news and updates from ESID with you today and stay tuned for more information prior the General Assembly. See you in Lisbon!

ESID Newsletter - August 2018

News@ESID - April 2018

Dear ESID Members, We hope you enjoyed the Easter weekend and are ready to welcome the spring in its full bloom! The board is happy to share with you the latest news and interesting updates from ESID today and stay tuned for the upcoming news on the ESID Elections 2018.  

ESID Newsletter - April 2018