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April 2023: Vaccination and inborn errors of immunity, update on clinical guidelines

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Date: Tuesday, 02 May 2023, 16:30 CEST

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Vaccination and inborn errors of immunity: update on clinical guidelines


The webinar will cover an update on practical guidelines for vaccinations in patients with inborn errors of immunity (IEI).

After participating in the webinar, participants should be able to:
- Implement the revised clinical vaccination guidelines for patients with IEI
- Understand the immune response after vaccination in different IEI
- Adapt the vaccination guideline for patients with IEI treated with immunosuppressive treatment
- Implement vaccination strategies for children with abnormal SCID Newborn screening and their close contacts



Filomeen Haerynck

  • Moderator: Filomeen Haerynck, MD, PhD
    @Ghent University, Gent, Belgium

Prof. Dr. Filomeen Haerynck is clinical head at the department of Pediatric Pulmonology, Infectiology and Immunology at the Ghent University Hospital. She is trained as pediatric pulmonologist at Ghent University Hospital and in pediatric immunology at the department of Pediatric hematology and immunology at Hôpital Necker Paris (Prof. A. Fischer). She is coordinator of the Centre for Primary Immune deficiency Ghent (CPIG) at Ghent University Hospital which is recognized as a Jeffrey Modell Foundation Diagnosis and Research center and ERN-RITA reference center. She is responsible for pediatric patients with inborn errors of immunity. Since 2017, she is associate professor and principal investigator of PID research lab (PIRL) at Ghent University and coordinates research on functional validation of novel genes causing Th17 immune disorders, common variable immune deficiency, hyperinflammatory syndromes, innate immune disorders, nucleic acid sensing defects and invasive viral infections.

Anna Sediva

  • Moderator: Anna Sediva, MD, PhD
    @Charles Unviersity and Motol University Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic

Prof. Sediva has a long time experience as a pediatrician working at all levels of pediatric care, from a local hospital to University affiliated specialized centers. She has also an additional international experience from her stay at New York Medical College in NY, USA and as the Fulbright scholar at University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. In 2010 -2015 she was awarded a position in ESID board and since 2011 she is chairing JMF center in Prague. Currently she holds the position of vice-head of the Department of Immunology in major University hospital in Prague. She is responsible for the field of pediatric immunopathologies with an emphasis on primary immunodeficiencies.

Stuart Tangye

  • Stuart Tangye, PhD
    @Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia

Professor Stuart Tangye completed his PhD on B-cell leukaemia under the supervision of Prof Bob Raison at the University of Technology Sydney in 1995 and then undertook postdoctoral training at the DNAX Research Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology (Palo Alto California, USA; 1996-1999) in the laboratories of Drs Jan de Vries, Joe Phillips and Lewis Lanier. Since 1995, he has published >100 peer-reviewed research articles and invited reviews. In 2011, he received the Gottschalk Medal from the Australian Academy of Sciences, which recognises “outstanding research in the medical sciences by scientists no more than 40 years of age”. In addition to overseeing his own research lab, he serves as the Deputy Editor of the journal Immunology & Cell Biology, as an Associate Editor of Journal of Immunology, and an Advisory Editor for the Journal of Experimental Medicine. He is regularly invited to present his latest findings at numerous international immunology conferences. The Tangye lab has been supported by Research Fellowships and Program and Project grants awarded by the NHMRC, Cancer Council NSW, Association for International Cancer Research (UK), XLP Research Trust (UK) and the Cancer Institute NSW.

Geraldine Blanchard

  • Géraldine Blanchard-Rohner, MD, PhD
    @Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland

Geraldine Blanchard-Rohner finished her medical studies in 2005 and then her MD-thesis in 2006 at the University of Geneva under the supervision of Prof Claire-Anne Siegrist. She then accomplished her DPhil in 2009 at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom under the supervision of Prof Andrew J. Pollard. During her doctorate she conducted several studies to better understand the kinetics of the humoral immune response following various vaccines and also analysed the role of memory B cells in the development of long-term immunity following protein polysaccharide vaccine. In 2009, she came back to Geneva to do her clinical training, acquiring her Board Certificate in Paediatrics in 2014 and then in Immunology and Allergology in 2018. During all her clinical training she continued research projects looking at vaccination of pregnant women to protect new-borns, on vaccination in immunosuppressed people and also on the immune responses following a new recombinant pertussis vaccine.

Johannes Truck

  • Johannes Truck, MD, PhD
    @University Children's Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Dr Johannes Trück is a consultant in infectious disease and immunology at University Children’s Hospital Zürich and a group leader at the hospital’s Children’s Research Center. His main research interests focus on translational work in paediatric infectious disease, vaccines, innate errors of immunity, B cells and immune repertoire profiling.

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  • Panel member: Siobhan Burns, MD, PhD
    University College London, UK

Dr Burns is a clinical academic with an interest in primary immunodeficiency disorders (PID). Originally trained in paediatric immunology, she has a specialist interest in young adults with immunodeficiency. Her research group focuses on understanding the underlying causes for PID.

Andrew Gennery

  • Panel member: Andrew Gennery, MD, PhD
    Newcastle University/Great North Children’s Hospital, UK

De Gennery is Professor in Paediatric Immunology and Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Honorary Consultant for the Northern Supra-Regional Bone Marrow Transplant Unit for SCID and related disorders, at the Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne. His research interests include immunoreconstitution following haematopoietic stem cell transplant for primary immunodeficiency, long-term outcomes of transplantation for primary immunodeficiency (and in particular Chronic Granulomatous Disease and Severe Combined Immunodeficiency), DNA repair disorders and their appropriate treatment and Di George Syndrome.


May 2, 2023 16:30 CEST in Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna