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Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues, ESID-members,

Three weeks have passed since the ESID online meeting. I want to thank you all for having contributed to its' success. It wouldn't have been possible to create such a lively and interesting meeting if it hadn't been for the time, content, interaction and enthusiasm contributed by each and every single one of you, presenting, chairing, and actively attending. 

Thank you and congratulations also to IPOPI and INGID for a Global Patient Meeting and Nurses meeting with an enticing and attractive program, appreciated by many! While an online meeting is not the format we wish for the next biennial meeting, there are definitely learning points: (almost) all speakers kept to time, there were many questions for the presenters, the e-posters received great exposure and boosted interaction, parallel sessions are no longer source of critique... I envisage a next biennial meeting in person please but with the bonuses of enhanced learning with the help of some technology. Don't forget you can still access most of the sessions in the online meeting platform and earn CME credits. 
It's also three weeks since we know who the new ESID board members are. I am extremely lucky to have Fabio Candotti on board as President-Elect, and to be able to count on Stefano Volpi, to guide ESID's finances. Very happy also for Siobhan Burns to join us as Chair of the Clinical Working Party. Michael Albert will undoubtedly do a great job in the Inborn Errors Working Party. Eleonora Gambineri is not a new face to ESID members and it is reassuring that I can rely on her insight into ESID secretarial history. This is also an excellent occasion to thank the outgoing board members: Fabio Candotti as Treasurer, Andy Gennery as Clinical WP Chair, Arjan Lankester as Inborn Errors WP Chair and Mirjam Van der Burg as Secretary. Thank you for your commitment and dedication. I also want to thank once again all the Members who participated in the elections and especially the Members who sent in their candidacy for the board elections. Your continued interest in and commitment to the society are key to ESID's future.
COVID19 brings us unthought research endeavors but it also painfully confronts us with the limits of our health systems, with the conflicts of the individual freedom and global responsibility, and last but not least with the vulnerability of the patients with primary immunodeficiency. All around the globe we are facing shortages of immunoglobulins, restricted access for non-COVID-care and privileging of health resources to facing the pandemic. We will need to actively engage in joint efforts to make or to keep PID diagnostics and treatment available to all who need it and I thank IPOPI, INGID, and all societies involved for their relentless attention and efforts into these concerns. 
Finally, as the pandemic is unfortunately going into its second, third or fourth wave, depending on where you are, I wish you all to stay safe and healthy.​


Warm Wishes,

Isabelle Meyts
ESID President

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