Registry Working Party

ESID Questionnaires

This section provides questionnaires that can be applied to patients and physicians to collect the necessary data items for the new ESID Registry.
The questionnaires correspond to the level 1 of the new ESID Registry.
For explanation of the different fields of the questionnaire, please check the corresponding datasets.
Questionnaires for level 2 ( unPAD study) are preliminary for the time being and only in English available. Please refer to the dataset, too.


Translations provided by Tomas Milota

Version: 2014-09-13


Version: 2014-10-01

Version: 2013-08-12

Level 2 (preliminary)

Version: 2017-01-04


Version: 2021-06-09


Translations provided by Beata Wolska, Warsaw

Version: 2013-08-12


Translations provided by Brindusa Capilna, Targu Mures

Version: 2014-10-23

Version: 2013-08-12


Translations provided by Dragana Koruga

Version: 2013-08-12