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by Joao Neves

Dear Friends and colleagues,

I hope that this newsletter finds you safe and well in these difficult and strange year.

We were delighted to see that so many of you were interested in the ESID mentoring programme. We managed to allow seventeen mentors to help 17 motivated candidates and we really hope to see very good results from this fruitful initiative. For those of you who couldn’t be mentored, we hope to have another call for mentors in a near future.

ESID, as a society is deeply committed to ensure that nobody is left out because of geographical or economical constraints, so we are also very glad to announce that in the last board meeting we agreed to offer a 3-year free ESID-membership and discounted fees for the Biennial meeting to 10 candidates each. The evaluation criteria and and application dates will soon be communicated by ESID.

As I had already announced, a PID in development School was planned to take place this year, in Minsk. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic time we’re living, we had to postpone. We are planning  to organize it during the first semester of 2021, but we really think that this shouldn’t be a virtual meeting, so the timing depends of the evolution of the COVID pandemics.

With very best wishes,​

Best Wishes,
Joao Farela Neves
ESID PID Care in Development Party Chair