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PID Care in Development - Newsletter December 2015

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by Peter Jandus

Mission statement

The initial aim of the PID Care in Development Working Party was to eradicate differences between the Western and Eastern Europe, which arouse from heterogeneous backgrounds and economic circumstances. This implies to improve PID patient care, professional collaboration, and patient group activity in regions with low number of registered PID patients, and inappropriate diagnostic facilities and treatment measures. In the last years, through political, economic and social changes, differences have become smaller across Europe. Today the PID Care in Development party aims at building up an E-learning platform in order to offer a global access to best knowledge and most recent science achievement for clinical application in care for primary immunodeficiencies. This E-learning platform would be fully sponsored in order not to create additional costs for ESID.

Aims of the E-learning platform

Internet based eLearning/eCME is coming more and more popular as learning tool. The development of such a tool is a task for upcoming years with following aims:

  • It should be a priority to facilitate easy access to existing material and add innovative state-of the art e-learning material for ESID members.
  • Instant access to information for many users simultaneously at anytime and anywhere.
  • The E-learning platform aims to include following contents:
  • Interactive Learning Portal
  • Existing learning materials
  • CME accredited e-learning module.

All media and educational materials will be stored either inside the learning portal which will include following: Posters, publications, papers, presentations, videos/webcasts, e-learning modules.

It should be user-friendly and the content would be developed in collaboration with the ESID Clinical Working Party, the ESID Educational Party and the ESID Juniors WP.

Following timeline is set-up:

–       Ensure sponsoring for E-learning platform beginning 2016

–       Planning and building up the platform middle 2016

–       Start to feed E-learning platform with contents end of 2016

Further plans

  • Put together learning contents from IPOPI, INGID in one learning portal
  • Development of case based learning modules