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PID Care in Development - Newsletter August 2016

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by Peter Jandus

Dear all,

The PID Care in Development party elaborated in collaboration with the ESID Clinical Working Party, the ESID Educational Party, the ESID Juniors WP and Prof. Helen Chapel five interactive cases for the E-learning platform. We hope to present these cases soon at our Barcelona meeting with CME accreditation. At later stage this portal will be extended with other CME accredited e-learning materials. The goal is that everyone has access worldwide to the same information and training in the field of PID, irrespective of the nationality.

Many things have been initiated in ESID, but much more needs to be done. In this context, my working party should undergo a self-assessment. We should not only look into the back but should look into the future. In this context I would like to change the orientation; respectively the focus of my working party. The new aim of my working party is to deepen the interaction with IPOPI and INGID in PID care. Instead of a workshop, a round table with the participation of representatives of IPOPI and INGID is planned at our Barcelona meeting. The session would be opened to all societies. The aim is to create synergies in PID care, covering different issues coming from local situations in Europe as difficulties of PID care, in order to develop strategies for better lobbying, recognition and care at national and European level (education, internet, lobbying EU and fundraising).

With my best wishes,

Peter Jandus

Chair PID Care in Development Working Party