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2021 ESID Medium-Term Fellowship October report

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By Dharmagat Bhattarai

Summary of career aims: I am a young Immunologist from Nepal. To date, I am the only clinical immunologist in my country. Due to lack of awareness of inborn error of immunity (IEI) even among medical professionals, these children are either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. My principal aim is to establish awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of all such patients in Nepal. In this mission, I have already established a centre to accomplish this mission.

Overall experience: I have come to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia under the privilege of ESID-mid-term fellowship in May 1st, 2022 for 3 months period. My primary objective was to learn the advanced aspects of clinical and diagnostic immunology. Under supervision of luminary Professor K. Sullivan, I have been learning multiple aspects of clinical immunology including immunotherapy, advanced diagnostics, immunogenetics and bone marrow transplantation. It is fulfilling the lacunae of my immunological knowledge during my DM (PhD period). It has also boosted my experience on patient care and therapeutics.

The full report is available here