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by Peter Olbrich

Dear ESID Juniors and ESID community,

It has been a very exciting year 2017!

As it is our goal to improve the many already established Junior activities, as well as to develop potential future events that are interesting and beneficial for our community we had a very busy schedule. Please find below a brief summary of some of these activities as well as a collection of Junior activities we have planned for 2018.

Educational events:

ESID Summer School (Calambrone, Pisa, Italy)

After the huge success of the Summer School 2017 we have already started to organize the next edition that will take place in May 2018.

We can't wait to receive your application and you should hurry as the application deadline is the 15th of December. Please follow the link to get access to the corresponding post on our ESID webpage .

The informal, interactive, case-based teaching approach together with the possibility to share and exchange experiences with PID makes (at least in my opinion) the ESID summer school to THE MOST IMPORTANT EDUCATIONAL HIGHLIGHT and I therefore encourage every Junior with interest to pursue a career in our field to mark the date for the next edition in his/her calendar and to make sure to put forward their application!!!

ESID 2017 Edinburg Focus Meeting and preview for Lisbon 2018

In Edinburgh, we also had a very high representation of Junior attendees and we are very much looking forward to seeing you and of course we want to see all you again next year in Lisbon!

After the huge success of its first edition in Barcelona we also had in Edinburgh our ESID Junior Workshop “Interactive Cases-Expect the Unexpected”. This workshop aims to combine science, clinical challenge, fun, interaction and networking in peers- teaching- peers format.

In this second edition the Juniors Ileana Moreira, Nesrine Radwan and Sevgi Koestel  presented 3 exciting mystery cases and our amazingly brave expert panel with Despina Moshou, Siobhan Burns and Mikko Seppänen were challenged to find their way through the diagnostic process. Kate Sullivan did an outstanding job as the moderator of the session and all of us had a very good time and learned a lot!

Many many thanks to the very motivated audience the presenting Juniors, the expert panel and last but not least to Kate for doing such a terrific job!

We are excited to tell you that we will certainly have this session again in Lisbon and Gigi Notarangelo as well as Stephan Ehl have already confirmed to be part of our expert panel.

Interested to collaborate and surprise us with a mystery case at ESID 2018? 

All Juniors are more than welcome to participate and to submit their “mystery cases”!

For this we are looking for Juniors to give us a (5 min) presentation of an instructive mystery case, ideally including a PID diagnosis in a patient with autoimmune manifestations.

We would then select the most appropriate cases and help you to adapt them to the final interactive format!

Don’t wait any longer and send us your exciting cases ( or just contact us in case you have any questions.

For Lisbon 2018 we are also working on the organization of the ESID Junior Networking event and similar to Barcelona we are currently in the process to evaluate the possibility to have a second edition of the PID Fun Run and we will likely be able to offer again Travel Grants for those Juniors with the best abstract submissions.

We will keep you updated on all this!

ESID Juniors Educational videos

As mentioned in the previous newsletters a group of ESID Junior Members, started to produce educational videos about PIDs and lab techniques. The aim of this project is to produce a very valuable educative material for Juniors interested in the field. The first 3 videos will be completed and launched very soon. You’ll be able to enjoy them on the e-learning platform -  ESID Education Online in the next few months. If you’re interested to be part of the team, please contact Olivier Gilliaux. There are no technical skills required!!!

ESID educational portal

During the ESID meeting in Barcelona the ESID educational portal has been launched and it includes by now a number of high quality educational activities. As part of the educational committee we participated in the preparation of the interactive case studies. So far 5 clinical cases have been uploaded and are available for you. They aim of these cases is to challenge your diagnostic and therapeutic management skills in different clinical settings. We would be very much interested to get your feedback on this educational offer and on the educational portal in general. Therefore, we are currently performing a short online survey to get your opinion and help in order to adjust the portal according to your needs and preferences.

Please follow this link to the survey.

Our ESID Junior community is steadily growing in members and productivity, resulting in an increasing number of Junior activities and benefits.

All this wouldn’t be possible without the continuous support and input of all of you. Therefore, I would like to thank you for your help, enthusiasm, joy and commitment!

And…. as usual I would like to invite everybody to participate and get involved!

Don´t hesitate to approach me ( or your country representatives with any suggestion, comment or idea you may have!

I am very much looking forward to hear from you!!



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