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In order to keep up with the rapid advancements in the field of PID and to avoid even more parallel sessions and a too densely compressed programme at the Biennial ESID Meeting, the board has decided to implement off-year meetings focused on specific topics.

Over 20 years ago we discussed how often to hold the ESID scientific meeting; it was concluded that there weren’t nearly enough new research findings to warrant a meeting more than every 2 years!

 How different things are now, with a new PID almost every week!

So it was perhaps not surprising, many members asked why ESID wasn’t held annually, so we sent out a questionnaire asking for view, and thank you to all who responded; 60% favoured an annual meeting, 30% a biennial meeting as at present and 10% were undecided.

Many people cited wanting to share and hear about the rapid advances in the field, together with wanting more regular education, as the reasons for having an annual meeting.

You, the members, have given clear direction and the board will now seek to implement this.

With my best wishes,

Prof Andrew Cant (ESID President)

1st ESID 2017 Focused Meeting

Autoimmunity & Inflammation in PID; Beyond the Paradox
11 - 14 September 2017
Edinburgh (UK)

Next ESID 2019 Focused Meeting

ESID 2019 Focused Meeting
Immunodeficiencies with increased risk of cancer
18-21 September, 2019
Square Brussels Meeting Centre
Brussels (Belgium)