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Dear Colleagues and friends, ESID-members,

I hope you have spent hopeful Easter and Passover and Spring holidays. It has been a trying year and I want to especially send a message of hope and courage to those amongst us who have lost loved ones to the virus that has been holding us in its grip for over a year now. I want to commemorate also the physicians, members of our society and others, who have lost their lives, while providing care for patients with COVID19. They are in our hearts.

Is it all gloomy then? No, very convincingly this pandemic has turned into an amazing demonstration of the power of science also, with development of several efficacious vaccines within a year of the onset of the pandemic. There could be no stronger call to governments to not cut down on available budgets for science. Science budget is one of nations’ essential expenses.  Beside vaccine development, COVID19 has shown us, physicians and scientists (or both) in inborn errors of immunity, once again that interindividual variability in the severity of primo-infection can be explained by rare known or novel inborn errors of immunity.

Because the ESID Board strongly believes in science and in the importance of supporting young researchers and physicians to develop or kickstart their career, we are again announcing several classic grants for fellowships but also the brand new “bridge” grants, and the “ESID Research Grants” (ERG), thanks to the efforts of Fabio Candotti, your President-Elect and our energetic Junior and Educational WP Chairs. Have a look further down in this Spring Newsletter. We hope that the funding will support exciting new research on primary immunodeficiency.

Finally, whereas we had hoped to meet for a much awaited Summer School and for a symposium in Birmingham in September 2021, it has now become clear that this was a too ambitious or hopeful thought. We do hope that you will join us for what will be an exciting event centered around secondary immunodeficiencies, with a program rolled out by Andrew Gennery and Siobhan Burns, previous and current Clinical WP Chair. In the meantime, Junior Members are lucky to be guided by Clara Franco with a beautiful set of journal clubs and case discussions sprouting from her never ending energy and stay tuned for ESID led Webinars on ERN-RITA platform, for a genetics WP workshop and last but not least a set of grand rounds organized by Siobhan Burns and the Clinical WP Steering Group.

Let me end by thanking the sister societies IPOPI and INGID and all scientific societies globally for the joint efforts that have once again led to a so much needed statement on COVID19 and PID. Special thanks to IPOPI for leading the European SCREEN4RARE with ESID as one of the stakeholders, in a joint effort with ISNS and with the support of ERN-RITA. Together is stronger.

Stay safe dear Friends and let us support each other,

Warm Wishes,

Isabelle Meyts
ESID President

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