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Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,
Set against the first warm rays of spring, we are living a surreal situation, the world is in crisis. Our hearts are with those who suffer in solitude, with those who are mourning their loved ones. We all know colleagues or friends whose lives have been seriously affected by SARS-CoV-2, either professionally, or worse, personally. We see our hospitals struggling to take care of patients and hear the dreadful news on more infections, more victims, every day. I can only wish all of you, all of us, nearby and far away, strength and resilience.

“Business as usual” is far from us. Physicians and researchers around the world are facing unexpected challenges. Nevertheless, as painful as it may sound, this is also an occasion for the dust to settle and for the essence of life to show itself more clearly. Likewise, the essence of medicine and the essence and heart of research are unveiled. We strive to cure or at least help patients, to alleviate illness and suffering, to understand disease, to understand immunology and to cure primary immunodeficiency. Let’s be humble and work together for our common mission: awareness, diagnosis, treatment and understanding of primary immunodeficiency diseases.

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Stay in touch and stay safe.
Isabelle Meyts, ESID President
on behalf of ESID Board