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Welcome to the PID Care in Development Working Party!

The PID Care in Development Working Party (PIDCD WP) was established at the 2006 ESID Meeting in Budapest, based on the success of the J Project in East-Europe effective since 2004. The major aim of the PIDCD WP is to improve PID patient care, professional collaboration, and patient group activity in regions with low number of registered PID patients, and possibly inappropriate diagnostic facilities and treatment measures.

With these aims in mind the PIDCD went through 4 very successful years under the lead of Laszlo Marodi. The elections for the next term took place in Istanbul during ESID Conference in October 2010, and Anna Sediva was appointed as a chair of this WP.

But times have changed. A working party has to move with the times and needs to reinvent itself. PIDCD has set up new goals and wants to make it closer for ESID members. It will allow a better networking and help to share ideas and suggestions. We want to increase awareness, facilitate diagnosis and care about PID patients in countries who have less resources and less accessible PID care. The activities of PIDCD would include regular series of meetings. Further, the PIDCD WP would by all means try to facilitate equal access to information on PID and is ready to help with improving conditions and access for health care in PID diseases. This includes all aspects of this complex area, beginning with information distribution, patients registries, patient diagnosis and treatment, establishment of patient organizations and nurses groups, facilitate contacts with pharmaceutical companies and help with any other related issue. This will also involve discussions how to improve the status of the PID specialty and the continuous medical education. Finally, we aim a lobbying for better recognition and care for PID at the National and the European level. We encourage you all to join this new movement.

In all aspects of its activities PIDCD would cooperate with all ESID bodies and ESID members, particularly with ESID Junior WP, ESID Educational WP, and the J Project Group.

For this reason we would like to build up a steering committee of national representatives who are involved in PID care. ESID-members from all European and non-European countries are welcomed. If you are interested to improve PID care in your country or at international level, you are welcomed to join the steering committee of national representatives by latest April 30, 2017.

If you are interested to join the steering committee of national representatives we would like to know:

·        Title

·        First and last name

·       Working address

·        Country

·        Email address, headshot/photo