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by Peter Olbrich

Hi everybody,

The last months our working party has primarily focused on five topics.

1. ESID online learning portal

To get started this exciting project is one of our main interests for 2016. As part of the educational committee we have already worked and developed some examples for the interactive cases. Other educational material such as updated research protocols, educational articles and webcasts with topics from the educational day 2016 are planned to be included in the same platform. In addition remodeled and updated contributions of the Young Researchers Corner will also be integrated in the platform

2. Expansion and actualization of the Young Researchers Corner

We have already developed an example for the contributions we are looking for to re-launch this important initiative. The aim of the YRC is to help young scientists to improve their knowledge on basic research and practical performance of experiments, assays and models.

In the next months, we will update and expand the content in order to present several examples and versions to you at the ESID 2016. As previously mentioned this section is planned to become included to the Educational online platform, aiming for more visibility and interactivity.

Relaunching the Young Researchers Corner is an exciting challenge but also includes a lot of work and we would like to invite all interested members to contact us and join the team!!!

3. ESID Junior activities ESID Biennale Meeting, Barcelona 2016

As already mentioned in the previous newsletter we are organizing a hopefully nice mix of Junior activities:

 - Morning run with sightseeing: Thursday/ Friday (6.30am- 7.15am) for those of you who like to get up REALLY early and want to see some Barcelona highlights.

- Summer school lunch/reunion (Wednesday 12:30-13:30h)

- Juniors Night (Thursday 20:00h- open end): tapas& drinks& music

- Reduced ESID conference registration fees for Juniors

- Possibility to buy “educational day only” tickets

- Reduced ticket prices for Juniors for the ESID Networking Dinner (Friday)

- Junior specific resource with information regarding the most economic travel and accommodation options for Barcelona

- NEW! This year we want to give previous ESID fellowship awardees the opportunity to present their experience and results to us in a plenary session. Selected awardees would be invited by ESID to give a short oral presentation that would include their experience, the aims of their research project, preliminary results, future ideas and a possible call for collaborations.

4. Fellowships

ESID has granted an increasing number of short (1-2 months) and medium term fellowships (3-6 months)!!! Please note that since this year the financial support has been substantially increased! As previously mentioned, we are planning to give selected awardees the opportunity to present the results of their projects in a dedicated session during the ESID Biennale meeting.

Don´t miss this great opportunity! The deadline for fellowship applications is June 30, 2016!!!

5. ESID Junior country representatives

Are you interested to become an active part of the ESID community and help to shape the future of your society??

The ESID Junior community is continuously growing and we have noticed that there are many of you with interest in being active in the ESID Juniors.

We would therefore like to give the opportunity for interested ESID Junior members to step forward as country representatives. This position enables you to represent and give voice to your country and be a liaison between the ESID Junior WP board representative (chair) and ESID Juniors from your country.

If you want to help us shape the future of PID in Europe and become a representative for your country please send us an email to:


New ideas, suggestions or questions are always welcome!!!

Come and join us!

Have a great Spring 2016!


Chair of the ESID Junior Working Party

Email: or

Twitter: @petolb_huvr

Join the ESID Community on Twitter: @ESIDsociety - https://twitter.com/ESIDsociety

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/groups/esid.juniors/?fref=ts