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by Clara Franco

Dear ESID Juniors,

First of all I would like to thank all of you for the support offered not only at the elections, but more importantly with your emails and Whatsapp’s thereafter!!

For those who don’t know me much, let me briefly introduce myself: my name is Clara, my degree was in Biotechnology and afterwards cursed the health-care specialization programme in Immunology. I am currently working at the Immunology Department of Hospital Vall d’Hebron, in Barcelona, doing laboratory technicques for the diagnosis of primary immunodeficiencies in both adult and pediatric patients.  This type of job has showed me that working collaboratively is crucial to improve patient’s care. ESID Juniors have the key on the future of this work, and it is through this working party that we can make this bridges tighter. Therefore,  I am very grateful right now to have the opportunity of representing your interests on the ESID Board,

The ESID meeting in Lisbon was a big success! We had amazing scientific presentations perfectly mixed with greatly organized social events. Junior Networking Event took place in a wonderful terrace (many thanks to Frederico!) and we also had a great dinner and party at an impressive garden during ESID Networking Dinner. For third year in a row, the Junior WP meeting “Pitfalls in diagnosing PIDs, expect the unexpected” was an excellent occasion to interactively enjoy a session of clinical cases in the most “ESID Summerschool style” (special thanks to Ileana!). Also during the meeting the ESID Juniors Country Representatives had the chance to exchange opinions regarding future ideas and the mission of the ESID Junior WP.

And if we had such a nice ESID meeting it is undoubtedly thanks to Peter’s work. He put a lot of effort into encouraging all of us to participate on the activities during these years, and as a  result we (ESID JUNIORS) are already 286 members from 48 different countries!!

We will be still using ESID Junior Facebook site here as the tool to stay in touch between all of us in an informal manner. This  includes deadlines for different courses,  job offers, as well as a virtual platform to stay in touch with your friends and colleagues. We are already more than 300 !!! If you are interested to join us please feel free to contact me vía email or facebook.

We have already continued with ESID QUIZ on Twitter (thanks to Vignesh!), and we would be very welcome to have anyone else participating on it! Just send me yours question and some clues that justify the correct answer ( ). The more questions we have, the more often we would be placing them on Twitter! Also PID Videos will still be worked in, thanks to the amazing coordinating work from Olivier!! If you haven’t yet, you can already have a look at the CGD Video at the Educational Online Portal! Please let us know if you want to participate in creating new videos!!

ESID Summer School 2019  Similarly to the previous years our WP is also involved in the preparation and organization of the Summer School. Under the lead of Despina Moshous, as the new chair of the Educational WP (Congratulations!!!), we will continue with the interactive format of previous Summer Schools. If you have suggestions to improve even moret he meeting, please write me with your concerns! For 2019, ESID Summer School will take place in Calambrone, Pisa (26th-29th May). Applications are open until 13th January. For more information about the school, kindly visit  http://esid.org/News-Events/Applications-open!-ESID-Summer-School-2019

ESID Juniors retreat  We have heard from many of our seniors, that Summerschool mates bind each other in an special way... But, what happens after Summerschool?Looking forward to expanding our network, we want to organize special Junior retreats. We are still working on the programm and the localization, but the aim of those will be to have a Juniors for Juniors congress, in which we can share our experiences and learn from most experienced Juniors who have paved the way in the field of primary immunodeficiencies.

Clara Franco
Chair ESID Junior WP