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by Peter Olbrich

Dear Juniors!

The ESID conference is only some months away and it is going to be packed with Junior activities!!!

1.  ESID networking event

Frederico Regateiro our ESID Junior country representative from Portugal has been very busy and successful to find us a great location for your event at Rio Maravilha https://get10things.com/lisbon/nightlife-lisbon/rio-maravilha/

We aim to start about 8.00-8.30PM right after the ESID welcome reception. Expect to meet old friends, make some new and have a couple of drinks, some food and music with a great view on the river! We will create a facebook event for this, so you can “register”. Please do so as this gives as an idea how many of you to expect!!!

2.  Educational day

This part of the ESID conference should not be missed! Eleonora as head of the educational WP has invited fantastic speakers and they will cover highly relevant topics! Please check out the ESID program for more details! This year Juniors very involved in educational activities will be co-chairing sessions during the educational day as well!

3.  ESID Junior WP workshop “Expect the unexpected”

This event has received great feedback from all participants of the 2 editions we have had so far.

The concept is to have 3 ESID Junior cases presented by Juniors. These cases include some tricky questions regarding diagnosis and management of the patients and these questions will be asked to members of our expert panel. At the same time the audience will be able to participate and answer the question with the ESID conference app.

We are very happy to have already confirmed terrific experts for our panel with Alexandra Freeman (USA), Lorena Regairaz (Argentina), Stephan Ehl (CCI, Germany) and Luigi Notarangelo (USA). Our moderator on guide through this session is the outstanding Elie Haddad (Canada).

We have received almost 20 cases from you!! Many thanks for your amazing participation! We are now reviewing the material and try to select the most suitable mystery cases for our session.

You don’t want to miss this!!!

Although, we will start early (7:30-8:30 Friday 26th October, Hall 5) you should try to be on time as this session has become very popular and the number of seats is limited!!!

 4.  ESID Talent Award

Every two years we grant this Award to a very talented Junior. The aim is to give recent ESID fellowship award winners the opportunity to showcase the most important results of their work and acknowledge this with a number of very interesting benefits like a short oral presentation of their research, waived registration, accommodation during the meeting, invitation to the faculty dinner and a prize!

The educational committee has received already the applications and has now the very difficult task to select the best fellows!

The winner(s) will be announced during the ESID Junior session (Wednesday, October 24th, 15:30 - 16:45, Auditorium II)!!!

Likewise we have several ongoing projects we are working on and I wanted to give you a brief update and take the opportunity to acknowledge the many people involved!!!

1.  Young ESID Quiz

We have had now 4 editions of the quiz. Vignesh Pandiarajan is the Junior leading on this project and has created most of the questions as well as the corresponding comments. Many thanks for this! We have started exclusively on twitter #ESIDQuiz, #ESID2018, #YoungESIDQuiz but are now also combining the quiz with calls on Facebook to enable also non “Twitter” users to participate! Cast your vote in the next edition, see what your peers have voted and check for the right answer and background information!!

2.  ESID online education and videos

Don’t forget to go through the content of our platform as most of it is of high interest for people starting in the PID field.

We have interactive cases, uploaded presentations from the workshops and educational day as well as links to some very nice resources on youtube that have been checked and approved by the educational committee! As mentioned in previous newsletters the ESID Junior videos are about to be launched. This has been a tremendous effort with lots of people involved. Olivier Gilliaux has done and is doing an amazing job leading this very ambitious project! We would be also very happy to get your feedback and suggestions for improvement as this tool is mainly meant to serve your needs!!!

3.  ESID Grand Rounds

On the portal we also have now the access to our brand new ESID Grand Rounds! Just as a quick reminder: this format works on the basis of an interactive forum with posts/ updates of the senior presenters and questions/ comments by the students. We have had so far two very puzzling and instructive cases, greatly hosted by the Prof A Cant and Dr A Gennery. Many thanks to both experts for their terrific job and also many thanks to the students for their enthusiastic participation!

Last but not least also a big thank you to Monia Ouederni and Shuayb Elkhalifa! Both Juniors have been fundamental for the initiation and performance of the ESID Grand Rounds!

As this is a pilot effort we would highly appreciate your feedback on this initiative in order to understand if this is an activity worth to be implemented in the future!!

As usual I don’t want to close this newsletter without inviting you to participate actively in the ESID Junior WP!!! Going through our projects and events you can easily see that there are many things we are working on and we would be very happy to have your help and input.

On the other hand we are always looking for new ideas and projects to be developed in order to get the best education, networking and career opportunities for our Junior members! Get in touch!

We are looking forward to hear from you and to see you ALL in Lisbon 2018!!!

With my very best wishes,

Peter Olbrich
Chair ESID Junior WP