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Welcome to the Education Working Party!

The Educational Working Party of ESID is formed by the Chairperson and other Faculty members of the ESID biennial Summer School. Its goal is to offer educational opportunities regarding Primary Immunodeficiencies to young people starting in the field to enthuse, inform and encourage the next generation of leaders in PID practice and research throughout Europe.

Now Annual!  Summer Schools 

In the ESID Summer Schools, interactive talks and workshops led by leaders in the field intertwined with social interaction in a pleasant setting are being offered to applicants selected on the basis of their achievements in the field. Feedback received from the Summer Schools has always been extremely positive; participants have found the course to be invaluable.

Educational Days

Every other year - when the ESID Summer School is not organised - an ESID Educational Day is organised as part of the biennial ESID meeting. This day is meant for interaction, networking and education for ESID junior members and other junior attendants of the biennial ESID meeting. Plenary and poster sessions, and breakfast or ‘sunrise’ sessions form part of the varied programme.

Other meetings

The Educational Working Party supports other meetings with travel grants for junior participants, such as the ESID Prague Spring meetings, and other - often one-time - meetings and workshops after these have been approved by the ESID Board.

Travel grants

The Educational Working Party awards travel grants to the ESID meeting and to the ESID Summer School and other affiliated meetings (2-3 ESID junior members per meeting; for participants travelling within Europe EUR 500, and outside Europe EUR 1000).


The Educational Working Party awards fellowships to ESID junior members, consisting of short-term fellowship (duration of 1-2 months, EUR 1500 plus up to EUR 500 in travel support) and medium-term fellowship (duration of 3 to 6 months, EUR 100 per month, plus up to EUR 500 in travel support) and long-term fellowship (duration of 1 year, EUR 10'000). Please note, that amount and length of the fellowships might change due to various considerations of the board to offer you the best benefits.

Do become an ESID junior member and enjoy all the opportunities the Educational Working Party has to offer!

Eleonora Gambineri, Chairperson Educational WP