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by Andy Gennery

Firstly, thank you for electing me as chair of the ESID Clinical Working Party -  as our specialty widens to encompass immunodeficiency beyond our initial focus of monogenic infection-susceptibilty diseases, this WP has an increasingly important role to play in shaping and leading our Society and our specialty., within Europe and beyond. We plan to introduce an annual WP meeting, and have ideas to develop European clinical guidelines, educational resources and an interactive, email-based clinical forum.

I am pleased to announce that the following have kindly agreed to be part of the new Clinical Working Party Steering Committee:

Andy Gennery – UK (Chair)

Stephen Jolles – UK (Secretary)

Raffaele Badolato – Italy

Klaus Warnatz - Germany

Fabian Hauck - Germany

Anna Sediva –Czech Republic

Carlo Agostini - Italy

Ewa Bernatowska - Poland

Tadej Avcin - Slovenia

Siobhan Burns – UK

Pere Soler Palacin - Spain

Filomeen Haerynck – Belgium

We will be communicating events and ideas in due course, and will be pleased to listen to any ideas that you may have to develop this working party.

Andy Gennery