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26th Annual Congress of the Allergy Society of South Africa

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14 – 17 September 2017

The Boardwalk Hotel, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The 26th congress of the Allergy Society of South Africa (ALLSA) will be held in Port Elizabeth at the spacious and airy Boardwalk Hotel from 14 – 17 September 2017. The theme of the congress is ‘Inside Out’ referring to immune mechanisms, microbial influences and clinical manifestations in allergic disease. We, the organisers, doctors Shaunagh Emanuel, Debbie White and Di Hawarden hereby extend to you a warm welcome to what we trust will be an enlightening and enjoyable meeting. 
The entertaining program is designed to include allergy and respiratory ‘basics’, focusing on a sound approach to the management of common allergic conditions. The workshops are designed to appeal to generalists and specialists as well as to pharmacists, nurses and dieticians and allied colleagues. 
Inflammatory conditions are being increasingly treated with biologic medications as these agents become better understood and more accessible, even in the state sector. 
We will include a session on the immune system, biologics, how they work and where they might be applied to the management of allergic conditions. 
The basic immunology revision session may prove a welcome introduction for practitioners who will be attending the parallel sessions on primary immunodeficiency organised and hosted by PIDDSA, the Primary Immunodefficiency Disease South Africa. 
Over the past decade significant work has been performed on the micro-biome, that seething mass of microbial genetic material that each of us carries around with us. It has become clear that we cannot survive without this diverse assemblage and that its health affects ours dramatically and directly. The concept is not new, but the understanding of it and its impact on health now and into the future is. The micro-biome is of particular importance in allergic conditions and chronic diseases. We have a faculty of eminent international and local speakers who promise to develop our understanding of the subject and advise us on how to apply this knowledge to our daily practice. 
The ethics lecture will include the judicious use of antibiotics, which will be highly topical in the light of the role of the micro-biome. 
Integral to so much of allergy care is dietary management. We are therefore delighted to welcome ADIG, the Allergy Dietitians' Interest Group to share their expertise with us. There will be a full dietetics workshop as well as dietetics lectures in the plenary sessions. 
Food allergy is on the rise and doctors are increasingly faced with cases of food allergy in general practice. Referral to a specialist centre is not always feasible. We have put together a full morning session on the practical aspects of the management of food allergy to give the practitioner an approach, the confidence and the tools to manage food allergy in general practice. 
We are privileged to have the ongoing support of industry and the pharmaceutical trade, without which this congress would not be possible. We encourage all our delegates to visit their beautifully crafted exhibition stands to learn about what the companies that support us have to offer. 
Within this tight schedule of engaging academic activity, we have managed to carve out time for some relaxing social events, creating a collegiate environment where existing friendships can be grown and new relationships may be forged. We hope that you will find this varied program of interest, and that you will take away from the congress confirmation of familiar subjects, revision of subjects that have become a bit rusty, and inspired insights that you can weave into your daily practice to make a difference in the lives of your patients. 


Dr Shaunagh Emanuel
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Dr Debbie White
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Dr Di Hawarden
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