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Dear Colleagues and Friends, 

An unusually busy spring and summer are coming to an end. For me, with Autumn, the end of my ESID Presidency comes in view. Allow me to say that it has been a winding road, with COVID, with war on our continent, and with impactful changes in the management of our society. Nevertheless,  we have all learned to organize and attend and even to get used to online meetings, and despite the challenges, we have learned that so much more is on the horizon for ESID as a society, in terms of how we can grow, how we can educate, how we can be more involved in research - by providing more grants and fellowships - and how we can have our joint expertise as a society weigh more on guideline development and clinical care, so as to fully stand behind our strategy and mission. Finally, we can, and we should also award more of our members for their outstanding scientific and clinical achievements at mid and late career stages.

Please, have a look at the WP Chairs’ notes: they have really done a magnificent job in putting together the genetics WP meeting (Anne Puel), the ESID summer school (Despina Moshous and Clara Franco) and the very first upcoming PIDCD school (Joao Neves, Clara Franco, Despina Moshous) as well as the ESID -EBMT joint IEWP meeting (Michael Albert with Bénédicte Neven), both in September. Mikko Seppänen has put the first important steps in gearing the ESID registry up for a new era, an evolution that should be continued. And watch out for the new ESID webinar, which is upcoming, also in September. 

In October, I would love to see you in Gothenburg, for the so long-awaited in person biennial meeting of our society, with an enticing programme, prepared for you by Anders Fasth and Olov Ekwall, who with their local committee, combined calm, and efficiency. It was truly great to work with you Anders and Olov. We were sailing heavy sea with heavy clouds, but it always felt peaceful and under control.  The excellence in organisation will be paralleled by excellence in content: all you need to know on dysregulation and hyperinflammation in inborn errors of immunity will really be on the menu! Have a look at the programme and convince yourselves to come! Don’t forget to register for the networking event – if I can give a hint: 1974 – Sweden – Music. 

At the Gothenburg meeting, we will also be having the General Assembly (access the agenda  here) where we will inform you in more detail about our actions and where you can help us with your suggestions and feedback. The GA will take place from 7:45 until 9:15 on the morning of 15th Oct. Also, the results of the ESID Board elections will be announced. Please don’t forget to vote online from 14th of September until 14th of October, 12:00 CET, for your next ESID board  and get involved – new steering committees will be developed after the elections, to which you can contribute, under the presidency of Fabio Candotti, your President as of 15th October. And last but not least, the bids for the 2026 biennial meeting will be showcased and we will count on your advice. Together we « make » ESID and there is a lot of work to do, so please join in! I look forward to seeing you all.

Isabelle Meyts
ESID President

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