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Dear Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

It’s April 2022 and I am grieved to start another message with the words “Who would have thought?”. Who would have thought that whilst still in a pandemic, we would face a war so close to us? My first message is therefore a call to solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues, PID patients and other victims, direct and indirect, of this war. 

As physicians we have the vocation to heal and as scientists to learn and collaborate, without constraints of political convict, social rank, descent, and the like. Nevertheless, faced with the war in Ukraine, we find this “neutral” state challenged, and we are continuously revising our position. I also want to applaud IPOPI: Martine Pergent has built in no time a crisis-cell and network to help PID patients who are leaving Ukraine and need treatment.

While it is difficult to continue as usual, we can’t walk past several positive and optimistic happenings. Getting together, communicating is more crucial than ever and we hope to meet you at one of our ESID society events.  

  • First there will be the ESID Summer School in Athens, Greece from May 5 to 8, 2022, where Despina Moshous will welcome the attendees with an esteemed faculty. She has also organized an exchange with the local physician, Dr. Maria Kanariou and I can promise the attendees an immersion in the field of primary immunodeficiencies, from research all the way to treatment.
  • Not long thereafter, on 30-31st of MayESID with ERN-RITA will host the Genetics WP Meeting on Next Generation Sequencing, in lovely Paris. From variant interpretation over long-read sequencing to somatic mutations and clinical applications. This event will be hybrid and on-site spots are limited, so don’t miss out on this, and  register NOW!  
  • Despite the current challenges, we are planning on having  the First PID in Development School from September 15 to 17, 2022 in Zagreb, Croatia. Again, an exceptional opportunity to learn and network and to get involved more closely in ESID.

Last but not least, the Clinical, Education and Inborn Errors WP are far away from dozing off, just follow us on  Twitter or better, become ESID member, or renew your membership and receive our updates by email. Don’t miss out on the Junior Journal session on the 19 of April and find more info  HERE. Also, check out the  ESID fellowship and grant opportunities, exclusive for members.

Next, Anders Fasth and Olov Ekwall have prepared for you a fantastic program for the ESID Biennial Meeting in Göthenborg. Don’t miss the deadline to  submit an abstract. Needless to say that we are all looking forward to meeting you in person again after such a long time.

Also featured in this meeting: ESID’s history as it is our anniversary event, the 2022 ESID Biennial Meeting. So, get to your desk, write that abstract or simply prepare to join us in lovely Sweden. Finally, less visible to you, but tremendously important to the society, we are working hard to invigorate our society, to provide new benefits, new educational activities, even more “society”.

I wish you all a safe, healthy, and enjoyable Spring.

Isabelle Meyts
ESID President

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