ESID Registry Grants 2018 - Call for Applications is closed!

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In 2018, the ESID Registry WP renews its call to support national registries and individual documenting centres in order to improve data quality and to carry out the work associated with the documentation within the ESID Registry.

Stipends of up to 5,000 Euro for 1 year only will be provided on a competitive basis for projects dedicated to this issue.
For application, a short project description with details of the proposed work should be provided (e.g. including information on the number of patients expected to be fully registered including all required items for Level 1 within the proposed time frame). Furthermore, it should be explained how quality control measures are implemented.
Projects will be selected by the ESID Registry Steering Committee.
A first payment of half of the amount will be sent to the centers to start the work for the first 6 months. Payment of the full sum will depend on the provision of an interim report at 6 months. A comprehensive report that summarizes the activities at the conclusion of the work (at 1 year after reception of the grant) is mandatory.
Please submit your application until August 10th 2018. Results of the selection will be announced end of August. You can use the form provided on the next page for your application.

How to apply:
Please print or type the following:
Name of centre:
Phone: E-mail: 

  • Description of project, e.g. validation and new registration of patients and how the money will be spent in order to achieve the aim. Please give an estimate and describe the associated work load, people involved and their qualification.
  • Measures to improve data quality (e.g. validation of diagnosis)

Please send this information by post, e-mail or fax to:
Dr. Gerhard Kindle
MEDICAL CENTER – UNIVERSITY OF FREIBURG Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency at Center for Translational Cell Research Clinical Research Unit (CRU)
Breisacher Straße 115 79106 Freiburg
FAX: +49-761-270-36960 Email: