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19th Biennial Meeting 2020 - Birmingham, UK

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The 19th Biennial Meeting of ESID will be held on the 14-17 October, 2020 in Birmingham, UK.

The ESID 2020 meeting in Birmingham is beginning to take shape.
As promised in our bid, we will create a highly practical meeting, so that you will go back to work with new ideas about patient management.

There will also be opportunities to get training and inspiration around public engagement. Above all, the Birmingham ICC venue is a great place to socialise.
So there will be plenty of time to meet people, chat and make new contacts and friends. What better reason could there be to come to Birmingham in 2020? We look forward to seeing you there. 

LOC chair - Aarnoud Huissoon 
SC chair - Peter Arkwright 

Local organising Committee
Peter Arkwright, Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Immunology, Manchester
Sarah Beck, Consultant Clinical Scientist, West Midlands Immunodeficiency C.
Richard Cousins, Consultant Immunologist, University Hospital of Wales
David Edgar, President of the Irish Academy of Allergy & Immunology, Belfast
Tomaz Garcez, Chair of UK Primary Immunodeficiency Network, Manchester
Sofia Grigoriadou, Clinical Secretary, British Society for Clinical Immunology
Dorothea Grosse-Kreul, UK Immunology and Nursing Group
Scott Hackett, Consultant Paediatrician, West Midlands Immunodeficiency C.
Aarn Huissoon, Consultant Immunologist, West Midlands Immunodeficiency C.
Sara Marshall, Head of Clinical Research, Wellcome Trust
Alex Richter, Senior Lecturer and Consultant Immunologist, University of Birm.
Susan Walsh, Director of PID UK

Scientific Committee
Peter Arkwright, UK (Chair)
Kaan Boztug, Austria
Andrew Cant, UK
Helen Chapel, UK
Amos Etzioni, Israel
Eleonora Gambineri, Italy
Bobby Gaspar, UK
Sophie Hambleton, UK
Stephen Holland, USA
Stephen Jolles, UK
Taco Kuijpers, Netherlands
Peter Lane, UK
Anna Sediva, Czech Republic
Mirjam van der Burg, Netherlands
Klaus Warnatz, Germany
Tony Williams, UK

Questions? Please contact the ESID Secretariat directly