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Senior Doctor Position (Chef de clinique) in Paediatric Immunology at the Geneva University Hospital (HUG), Switzerland

Workplace: Unit of immuno-vaccinology, General Paediatrics Service, Department of Paediatrics, Geneva University Hospital (HUG), Switzerland

Supervisors: Prof. Claire-Anne Siegrist (head of unit); Prof. Klara Posfay-Barbe (head of service)

Duration: 1 to 2 years (to be determined) – as a temporary replacement.

Starting date: at the latest on the 1st June, 2018

Activity: First year: clinical work 50%; research 0-50%; Second year: research 0-100%

Clinical duties: ambulatory consultations (2-3 half-days a week) and hospital consultations in immunology for children with suspicion or confirmation of immune deficiency (primary or secondary), periodic fever and dysimmunity (excluding rheumatology). Interface with immunology laboratories. Participation to the vaccinology consultations with Prof. C.A. Siegrist and interpretation of paediatric vaccine serology (training in vaccine-immunology).

Research duties: clinical or translational, depending on duration and interest (Research platform in clinical paediatrics, Vaccinology centre, Vaccinology lab). Possibility of academic teaching (Clinical research diploma).

Requirements: Paediatrics diploma (Switzerland or Europe) ; Basic or advanced clinical immunology training, fluency in French (level C1).

Annual clinical salary: min. 72’000 CHF gross (depending on previous experience) for a 50% position.

Annual research salary: min. 58’000 CHF gross (depending on previous experience) for a 50% position.

In summary: This position is a unique opportunity to gain advanced experience in paediatric clinical immunology, allowing to be in charge of a very varied activity in a small center and to collaborate closely with a variety of specialists, warranting a high-quality work. It also entails the opportunity of a rare world-class vaccinology training, as well as protected research time.

For further information:, +41 79 553 44 82