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This is a collection of links to knowledge bases. Included are IDR databases, Genatlas, OMIM, Swiss-prot and human gene mutation databases

Immunodeficiency Resource Database
This IDR Database is maintained at Lund University, Sweden and contains clinical information on PID. It also contains links to genomics and proteomics information relevant to PID specific diseases.

IDdiagnostics - Directory of Immunodeficiency Diagnostic Laboratories
This database has been shut down down.

Immunodeficiency mutation database, IMT, Tampere
This database has been shut down.

Genome Database (GDB)
Genome Database has been shut down as well.

The GENATLAS database compiles the information relevant to the mapping efforts of the Human Genome Project

HUGO Mutation Database Initiative
From the human genome variation society.
They foster discovery and characterization of genomic variations including population distribution and phenotypic associations.
They promote collection, documentation and free distribution of genomic variation information and associated clinical variations.
Encourage development of the necessary methodology and informatics.

Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD)
Human Gene Mutation Database at the Institute of Medical Genetics in Cardiff.

HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee
A complete guide and reference site for naming newly discovered genes.

EMBL-EBI Mutation Database
Mutation Database of the European bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK which is part of the EMBL has been shut down.

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)
NCBIs online database of Human genes and genetic disorders.

Swiss-Prot Database
Protein Sequence Databank from the European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK.

V Base
From the website "The Centre for Protein Engineering (MRC)