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Welcome to the ESID Juniors Working Party!

ESID Juniors WP is an interactive forum for young immunologists, clinicians, researchers and any ESID member who would like to participate.

The idea to have a Junior group within ESID rose during the ESID Summer School 2003 in Portugal. The Working Party was established in 2004 after the ESID meeting in Versailles. We wish to continue the spirit, education and opportunities of the ESID Summer School.

Our mission is to promote the development of the next generation of clinicians and researchers with an interest in Primary Immunodeficiencies. We achieve our goals through ESID meetings, networking opportunities, PIDs Summer Schools, educational resources and career advice.

The ESID Juniors WP is part of the ESID board, participate to the organization of the ESID Summer school, and of the Educational day at the ESID biannual congress. The ESID Juniors WP gives a voice to issues concerning students and young professionals in the field. The activities of ESID Juniors WP provide an opportunity to learn and network with each other as well as with established researchers and professionals in the field.

Networking, interaction, exchange and education are the major themes in our party. A very concrete example is the ESID Juniors group in facebook where we exchange experiences, resources, we look for collaboration and we seek advice for our career development.

You are a medical doctor, researcher or other health care professional new in the PIDs field and still in training? Come and join our working party and become an active member of the ESID Juniors!

We are looking forward to hear from you!

ESID Juniors WP